What is HVAC and what solutions can Knauf offer for this sector

Insulation solutions from expanded foams EPP and EPS in HVAC systems 

HVAC is an acronym for English words – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The term encompasses therefore all the elements of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that increase the comfort of everyday life. What are HVAC installations and what is worth knowing about them? What Knauf Industries solutions can improve the efficiency of HVAC appliances?   

What are HVAC systems responsible for?

HVAC installations are responsible for maintaining a certain level of comfort in a given room. It consists of the right temperature, humidity and the supply of fresh air. HVAC systems work well above all in well-insulated buildings. Then the heat losses are minimized.

The set of these four elements is of great importance in all kinds buildings – residential and public buildings. HVAC is responsible for heat, humidity, air flow rate and its exchange rate. These factors have a very large impact on the quality of inhaled air, and thus on the general well-being of people who are in a given building. 

In Knauf Industries we are proud to support HVACR producers in the development of modern and light-weight insulation solutions improving the efficiency of the appliances. 


In many countries with varied climatic conditions the seasons following each other differ in many respects. Therefore, well-chosen heating should be flexible and efficient, and at the same time must respond to atmospheric changes that are associated with surges or drops in ambient temperature. 

In Knauf Industries we design insulation solutions for heat pumps which prevent heat losses. Customized housings for boilers and heat exchangers made from expanded foams: EPP or EPS add hardly any weight to the devices making them easy to transport and install. For applications which require more resistant material we recommend the polypropylene foam – EPP which has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Expanded polystyrene (EPS – Airpop) is a more economical alternative for applications requiring less structural strength but still powerful insulation properties. To give a n example – for one of our clients we manufacture a water tank insulation made from a special grade of EPS characterized by a favorable Lambda Coefficient. In this case working together with the Customer on product design, we concluded that for this specific application the expanded polystyrene would give even more benefits than expanded polypropylene. 

(Contact our experts to determine which foam solution is more optimal for your product!)  


Ventilation is a very important element of HVAC installations. Its task is to ensure proper air circulation in individual rooms. Thanks to it, the air that we breathe in is clean and free of excess harmful chemicals (in this case, primarily carbon dioxide), while providing valuable oxygen to the body.

With Knauf Industries HVAC components air conditioning, heating and ventilation units will work flawlessly and reliably.

Knauf Industries in cooperation with many renowned ventilation equipment producers developed various light-weight insulating solutions. We deliver expanded polypropylene housings for ventilation units which insulate the equipment and play a decorative role at the same time. The EPP material is an ideal choice to design housings for air recovery units of different sizes. The material can fulfil defined air-tightness requirements which can be very strict for certain kinds of appliances. Although some norms define a certain level of air-tightness (for instance a Polish norm states a 3% leak level as acceptable). In Knauf Industries Appliances our ambitious goal is to limit this to 2%, knowing that this is an added value of our solutions truly appreciated by our partners form the HVAC industry.

Air conditioning

Thanks to air conditioning, you can set the optimal air temperature in the room. High-class air-conditioning devices are very advanced mechanisms that react even to small atmospheric changes. During hot weather, they provide a pleasant temperature in the building.

Our experience in delivering plastic components for air conditioning equipment is vast.

As an expanded foams supplier we cooperate with design departments of air conditioning equipment producers to optimize the parts. For a significant segment of our Customers we design and manufacture technical parts applied as a complicated, precise insulation structure for ventilation units. We develop projects for both interior ceiling and wall air contditioning units. In Knauf Industries Appliances we also design and manufacture thermal insulation for exterior units.

With Knauf Industries HVAC components air conditioning, heating and ventilation units will work flawlessly and reliably. Companies that professionally deal with installation services of HVAC systems value our solutions for their lightness and therefore easy assembly and installation. 


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