Protective packaging appliances

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Logistic improvements

Efficient storage and safe delivery are two important criteria to consider when evaluating a packaging solution. Expanded polystyrene protections offer a solution on both sides. That’s why they are key elements of our protective packaging development programs for the appliance industry. Thanks to its expertise in this type of project, KNAUF Industries is the ideal partner to provide a solution to your complex problems, improving your logistics operations by increasing the number of full loads and reducing packaging costs. Our solution will meet your needs from end-to-end. Thanks to the advanced design of our polystyrene parts, the number of appliances per pallet is increased by 16%, while the weight of the packaging is reduced by 20%.

Cost optimisation

Saving costs is an eternal challenge for any successful business. Continuous cost optimisation has many facets, but in the following description we will focus on savings in raw materials. Today, one of the trendy buzzwords in the packaging world is “material reduction”, which aims to have as little impact on the environment as possible. The application of optimized packaging solutions can contribute to this target, besides reducing costs on the direct purchase of materials and improving the storage space usage through increased stacking capacity. Double density injection moulding allows the packaging engineer to use different grades of material in the same clamping. The higher density material can thus be used in the most demanding areas of the chock, which are usually the surfaces of the package in direct contact with the machine, i.e. corners and bottom parts. The least stressed areas of the cushioning consist of materials of optimised quality.

Process optimisation

Expanded polystyrene has a high volumetric dimension while its real weight is very low. This specific characteristic of the material create high warehouse surface demand and a frequent daily delivery system. KNAUF Industry is not only providing the Airpop cushions but it must ensure a flawless logistic service in order to contribute to the optimal process at the assembly lines of the OEM. In most cases, the appliance production is highly fragmented with many different product types running at the same time on numerous production lines. However, at the end of the process there are limited packaging stations available for packaging. This ensure a demanding and fast activity where JIT deliveries, pre-assembly, KANBAN system management, EDI connection, RFID communication are employed so our customer can focus on their core activity.

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