7 things you must consider when choosing a plastic moulded part manufacturer

Choosing the right plastic moulded part manufacturer has a direct impact on having an effective and optimized supply chain

In short, the work undertaken by a plastic parts manufacturer consists of processing plastic resins or polymers and, by heating or injecting under high pressure into custom molds, generating custom plastic parts. This is an important process for many industrial sectors and it also plays a key role in the supply chain for HVAC systems production.

We analyze the benefits of picking the right plastic parts supplier and the 7 key factors to make the right decision.  


Why is it so important to have a trusted plastic moulded part manufacturer


The quality and competency of the manufacturer of the plastic parts directly affect a company’s supply chain in the following aspects: 

  • Economic costs: the right plastic molded part manufacturer generates custom products that not only adjust to the company’s budget but also help save money by creating optimal protection and minimizing the waste of materials.
  • Final customer satisfaction: a plastic parts manufacturer sets the foundations for the final product quality and thus plays a key part in generating customer trust and satisfaction. 

This is also true about production schedules: the plastic parts supplier must be able to deliver materials on time in order not to delay production times.

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Things to take into account when choosing a plastic molded part manufacturer


1. International or multimarket plastic parts suppliers


Choosing local suppliers presents a few benefits, including potentially lower transportation costs and (again, potentially) more environmentally-friendly practices (as products need to travel a shorter distance). 

However, an international and multi-market supplier typically presents greater expertise and access to higher-quality and state-of-the-art technologies. These, in turn, translate into more innovative products and a crossover market vision that local suppliers are not able to provide. The best choice would be an international company with local plants which is the case for Knauf Appliances.


2 Choose a plastic parts supplier with customized solutions


Customized solutions present important economic and sustainable benefits. The analysis of the right plastic solutions and the possibility of developing them helps to avoid plastic waste and guarantees generating optimized solutions.


3. Production capacity of the plastic molded part manufacturer


Some plastic moulded part manufacturers can produce a low or moderate volume of parts (under 10.000 units), a choice that can be convenient if a company is mainly interested in rapid production. On the other hand, other companies might need a supplier capable of delivering hundreds of thousands of units of molded parts that present the highest quality.


4. Delivery times


It can take between 4 to 12 weeks to build proper tooling for the mass production of plastic injection molded parts, depending on its complexity, design process, and even communication between the diverse collaborators. Companies need to find trustworthy suppliers that can reliably meet their timing needs. 


5. Involvement in the whole cycle


A plastic molded part manufacturer might be involved at different degrees in the production of the overall part. Being able to work with a supplier that is also capable to support the design of the plastic parts is key, as they can better understand a company’s needs, predict issues, and deliver quality, optimized parts. 


6. Quality and visual aspect of the plastic part


Choosing a plastic parts manufacturer that can also provide design support is critical to ensure quality, efficiency, and economic savings. 

Some things to consider at this point include the quality of the technology they employ, their team’s proven expertise, their capacities to eliminate dysfunctional variability, their maintenance program, or the potential awards or quality standards they comply with (including being ISO-certified). 


7. Capacity to comply with your specifications


Complying with each client’s needs and specifications can be challenging. Picking the right plastic molded part manufacturer means making sure they employ the right product production schemes that can meet specific needs, while also being able to make custom recommendations based on their expertise. 

 Plastic moulded part manufacturer manual

Knauf, your trusted plastic parts supplier


At Knauf Appliances, we are experts on plastic molding and injection, our business core being the conception and manufacturing of expanded polystyrene and expanded polypropylene parts. 

We are renowned experts as a trusted plastic molded part manufacturer, with more than 30 years of experience combined with high-technology production installations, an international presence, and excellent financial strength. 

As a major player in injection molding, Knauf Appliances offers its industrial customers a unique combination of several know-how areas in plastic molding technologies.

Our research and development installations, design office, and technical sales teams are fully skilled in offering a wide range of plastic-based solutions.

Our services include:

  • Project management: Knauf Appliances is recognized worldwide for its ability to develop turnkey projects for its clients, from the design of a part or packaging to the construction of a production plant dedicated to the client.
  •  The standard project management process includes the following parts: request for quotation, preparation and initial design, project nomination by the customer, final part design, prototyping and validation stage, tooling manufacturing, pre-serial production, parts delivery to customer for testing, tooling tuning, approval of samples by a customer, and the starting of serial production.
  • Innovative and modern technology set-up: injection and foam molding technologies. Being specialists in thermoplastic injection technology and decorative plastic parts for various industries we also offer expertise is in EPP and EPS molding. 
  • Key players in many fields. Our know-how also extends to gas injection technology, aesthetics, and electronic molding. Our exterior and interior injection molded components for the HVAC industry are mainly manufactured from the following materials: – polystyrene (PS), – polypropylene (PP), – ABS, – PC, – PC / ABS, – PC / PMMA. In order to guarantee the aesthetic appeal of the components, we use various decorative techniques. We cooperate with an external painting shop to perform: water painting, two-color painting, masking, pad printing, entry, hot stamping, metallization.
  • The global presence and cross-market knowledge: our 41 EPP/EPS processing plants are strategically located to best serve the supply chains of our most demanding international clients. What’s more, the Polish plant located in Wrocław on the top of foam molding offers also injection molding services, whereas the French plant in Dreux is entirely dedicated to injection and thermoforming.
  • Ability to provide personalized solutions: our teams work closely with clients to evaluate their needs and define technical requirements for expanded foam products that meet their expectations. After a thorough analysis and fluid communication with the client, we work on custom-designed foam solutions or design to cost-effective solutions, ensuring through our recommendations a suitable material choice and clear specifications for meeting both the quality and functional goals in the manufacturing of the parts.
  • Quality Certification Systems: our manufacturing facilities are certified by a number of different bodies relating to the Environment, Quality Management, and Health & Safety. By obtaining and maintaining these industry-leading certifications, we can guarantee our clients that our products and processes are in full compliance with international and national regulations and standards. These include ISO 9001-Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001-Environmental Management Systems.


Learn more about the role of a plastic moulded part manufacturer and Knauf’s expertise by downloading our ebook.

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