Jesteśmy specjalistami w technologii wtrysku tworzyw termoplastycznych oraz produkcji części estetycznych z tworzyw sztucznych dla różnych gałęzi przemysłu. Nasze zewnętrzne i wewnętrzne elementy formowane wtryskowo dla branży HVAC produkowane są głównie z następujących materiałów: – polistyren (PS), – polipropylen (PP), – ABS, – PC, – PC / ABS, – PC / PMMA.

Injection Technology
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„Unfortunately, the systems of Knauf Group have been the target of a cyber-attack on the night to Wednesday, June 29.

Our cyber security system responded immediately, and the global IT team managed to isolate the incident. The protective decision was made to shut down services, while further forensics are in progress.

We are currently working heavily to mitigate the impact to our customers and partners – as well as to plan a safe recovery. However, we apologize for any inconvenience or delays in our delivery processes, that may occur.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and trust. Please rest assured that we will inform you about our progress, and as soon as we are “back to business as usual”. „