Optimized packaging solutions to reduce costs

Packaging solutions are a product’s first presentation and play an important role in the customer experience. But optimized packaging goes beyond that: it also means the right packaging solution can cut down on costs and facilitate an optimized supply chain.

How can brands achieve optimized packaging? We take a look at the main actions in packaging redesign with cost-cutting and product protection as priorities.

What are optimized packaging solutions?

An optimized packaging solution is one that achieves all of the packaging’s goals, from protection to product presentation, in the most efficient way. 

In other words, it’s packaging that is:

  • Protective, without compromising product quality and integrity
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to handle and facilitates logistic optimizations, avoiding long packing processes or handling inconveniences
  • Cost-effective, taking into account both packaging materials’ prices as well as potential shipping costs

In order to achieve such capacities, companies often need to take a look at their current packaging solutions and consider new materials or packaging designs that might help them in such a quest.

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How can optimized packaging lead to lower costs?

Stacking capacity

When optimized packaging is easily stacked, it means fewer costs in terms of transportation and warehousing. This is because its stacking capacity translates into the possibility of transporting more products in a single trip or using less of the available space, which all means costs are significantly reduced.

The stacking capacity translates into further benefits, such as the possibility to reduce a company’s carbon footprint and become more sustainable.

Amount of material used

Companies looking for optimized packaging should also look into reducing their packaging materials, as this leads to more lightweight and compact solutions and, again reduces shipping and warehousing costs. 

Product protection

Optimized packaging solutions are able to cut down on materials and provide stacking capacity without minimizing product protection. At the same time, this means companies minimize the unexpected costs associated with damaged products.

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Does reducing packaging costs affect the quality of the packaging?

When reducing packaging costs happens through a packaging redesign process, the quality of the packaging is not compromised. 

In fact, an adequate redesign process typically finds new protection possibilities with the aim of generating an optimized packaging solution.

Knauf Appliances custom made solutions for packaging cost reduction

At Knauf Appliances we work to help companies achieve optimized packaging that helps them cut costs and facilitates their logistic processes, all while protecting their products. 

Through the use of closed-cell materials (Airpop®, EPP) and technical foams (Technidec® range) and the collaboration of our ID Lab, we’re able to generate custom, optimized packaging solutions. 

In fact, we help brands at every stage of their packaging development process, from the initial design to prototype, in order to achieve a packaging solution that provides the following advantages:

  • Shock absorption and protection against compression, thanks to the use of EPP and EPS to develop custom packaging solutions
  • Eco-design solutions that are aligned with what consumers expect today and new international and national regulations. In fact, we stand as global leaders in the development of sustainable plastic materials.
  • Thermal insulation for food packaging solutions
  • Logistic improvements that guarantee efficient storage and transportation, as well as a safe delivery
  • Cost optimization through improving storage and transportation spaces and stacking capacity and enhanced product protection.

Using alveolar resins, our patented Airpop® solution, and plastic injection techniques, we can provide customized solutions for a wide range of industries and their needs in optimized packaging. 

Want to learn more about optimized packaging and how we can help you achieve the advantages it entails? Download our technical manual about expanded foam in the industry and discover the possibilities of this material for packaging cost reduction.

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