We are your global partner in HVACR & Household appliances protective solutions

Knauf Industries is known for its great experience in protective packaging solutions for domestic appliances and technical components for the HVACR market.

Our development department and sales team specialized in the development of technical parts and protection systems work closely with our customers in the eco-design of their new range of brown and white goods.


We supply a wide range of EPP and EPS protective and technical solutions. Knauf Industries has over 40 years of expertise.

​All our protective solutions and technical components are mostly manufactured with expanded polypropylene and expanded polystyrene. Click below to view some examples of our best appliance design and concepts.


Knauf Industries has 41 factories settled in Europe, North Africa and South America

All of our plants either already provide parts and packaging for the most renowned appliances companies or can be easily adapted for this purpose


Our clients

Since 40 years, we’ve been manufacturing our HVACR & PROTECTIVE PACKAGING solutions for household appliances to many of the biggest producers in the world

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Ask your question in a 1 on 1 enquiry and we will give you a detailed answer, whatever the country/region you need our support.